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Afzal Guru's lawyer is a BJP MP, Mr Gadkari

New Delhi: Hitting out at BJP chief Nitin Gadkari, the Congress on Monday asked him to specify his relationship with party MP Ram Jethmalani who had defended Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru.

Afzal Guru's lawyer is a BJP MP, Mr Gadkari

Is Afzal Guru your son-in-law? Gadkari asks Congress

Dehradun: Taunting the Congress over the delay in hanging Afzal Guru, BJP President Nitin Gadkari asked the party whether the Parliament attack death row convict was its "son-in-law".

In comments that could stoke a controversy, Gadkari thundered at a BJP rally in Dehra Dun last night asking Congress leaders "Is Afzal Guru the son-in-law of Congress? Have you(Congress) given your daughter to him(Afzal). Why is he being given special treatment?"

Congress reacted with disdain to Gadkari's remarks saying he has lost his mind and scoffed at the BJP chief. When asked by reporters today whether he would apologise for his controversial remarks, Gadkari said he stuck to his stand. "I have said nothing wrong. I stick to my stand and so there is no need (to apologise)," Gadkari told reporters in Dehra Dun.

In this regard, Gadkari said Congress government of Delhi was sitting on the file related to execution of hanging of Afzal Guru for four years and when asked Chief Minister Sheila Dixit said it was done on the instructions from the then Union Home Minister. Now the decision is pending with the President, he said.

"I have not made a wrong statement. They (Congress) should rather give the reply as to why they are not executing the orders of the Supreme Court," he said. Gadkari made a reference to the Afzal Guru issue while slamming the Congress and the UPA for the delay in the hanging of the death row convict, bringing the focus back on the Afzal case file.

Congress said Gadkari has lost his mind and sarcastically said he needed serious help. "The remark smacks of obscenity, obnoxiousness and obtuseness," Congress spokesman Manish Tiwari said in New Delhi

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