Mon, 24 May 2010 11:50:06 GMT | By TJS George

Karnataka: Will Congress survive?

In politics as in human affairs tragedies get noticed only after they reach an advanced stage.

Caligula cripples cricket

The tragedy of the Congress Party in Karnataka has advanced quite far, but apparently it is yet to catch the attention of the High Command which, in the Congress dispensation, must get involved for anything to happen in the party.

In the 2009 election it was clear to every citizen that the Congress would get nowhere. It got nowhere. In this year's Bangalore municipal elections, too, it was clear to all that the Congress would come a cropper.

It came a cropper. The public in Karnataka is hardly aware of the Congress being around. The only sign of life in the party is when Working President Shiv Kumar reaches his birthday and posters appear in Bangalore wishing him many happy returns.

For every sycophant who puts up a flexboard, the neta and his party will be driving away a hundred disgusted voters. The first thing the Congress should do if it ever wants to revive itself is to ban birthday posters.

Even non-Congress people would welcome a revival because the absence of an opposition has given the ruling BJP delusions of grandeur. Pramod Mutalik runs a rent-a-riot business and Government does nothing.

Sitting ministers carry on with their commercial business openly and brazenly. And theirs is a business selling the state's natural resources. Never was a conflict of interest so defiantly sustained in any state.

Yet the Chief Minister and the BJP are unable to restrain the Bellary ministers because it's their money that keeps them in power. This is money politics at its crudest and there is no meaningful opposition to check it.

The Congress of course has no one to blame but itself for its fall. Its basic problem is that it promotes leaders with small minds who spend their lifetime manoeuvring for positions they are not equipped for.

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