Mon, 03 May 2010 10:10:22 GMT

Rat 'breaches' security, bites Nitish

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday morning suddenly woke up in pain at Sitamarhi Circuit House, after a packed Biswas Yatra schedule in the district. It turned out that a rat had bitten him. Circuit House staffers and the CM' security staff rushed to see what made Kumar wake up around 3 am, only to be embarrassed to find how a rat had made its way to his room, supposed to be well-guarded.

Kumar, whose finger was bleeding after the rat bite, was immediately given the first aid. "Anti tetanus and antibiotics were given to the CM as is done in rat-bite cases after cleaning the wound," said Sitamarhi civil surgeon Vijay Kumar, who treated the CM, adding that since a rat-bite could cause infection, a patient had to be observed for seven days with regular doses of antibiotics.

Although Kumar did not comment on the freak incident, he reportedly made his displeasure clear with the district administration while leaving - with a bandaged finger - for his next destination of Biswas yatra at Muzaffarpur.
The Circuit House staff later got a dressing-down for "poor upkeep" of the place where most VIPs stay. During the ongoing yatra, started on April 28 to cover all 38 districts, the CM has been spending the night at Circuit Houses.

Source: Indian Express

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