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Gangster D K Rao: The man who made Mumbai cops dance

Party may have been thrown to help gangster network with potential recruits, say investigators

Gangster D K Rao: The man who made Mumbai cops dance

Mumbai: Dreaded Chhota Rajan aide D K Rao, the man at the centre of the latest controversy hitting the Mumbai Police, is one of the key recruiters of the gang, according to investigators. They said the party on Christmas, which led to the suspension of five Mumbai police personnel who also attended it, might have had a similar purpose -- networking and recruitment.

With the party episode hogging headlines, there is now renewed scrutiny of the links between the underworld and the Mumbai Police, said police officers. "His role till today is centered around recruiting fresh, young blood to carry out Rajan's activities. In fact, the Chembur party may also have been thrown for networking purposes," said an official, almost rejecting the version that the party was thrown to celebrate Rao's release from the prison after 13 years of incarceration last year.

Rao, whose real name is Ravi Mallesh Bora, is a native of North Karnataka and began as a watchman at a Dharavi building around 1994. He has over 30 offences registered against him including MCOCA cases but was released in October after completing a 13-year sentence in one case. He was acquitted or released on bail in the other cases. A former Crime Branch officer who was involved in the gangster's arrest in one of the cases said Rao joined the Chhota Rajan gang around 1996.

"After forming his own gang of local youths, he began planning and executing robberies. His association with Lakhan Bhaiyya, a Chotan Rajan aide, eventually helped him gain entry into the Rajan gang around 1996. Entry into the gang gave Rao much-needed security as well as access to high-end and latest firearms, which indirectly gave a boost to his robberies as well," the officer said.

Rao then allegedly began committing larger robberies, extortions and contract killers and grew in notoriety after he planned the executions of bomb blast accused.

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