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Top 10 air disasters in India

Plane disasters certainly are daunting even if only worst of the crashes actually make it to front page of the newspapers.

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The explosive growth in aviation sector is accompanied by an equally deadly increase in air mishaps and near-misses in Indian airspace. In the last ten months, Indian aviation sector reported 16 near-misses, mostly at Mumbai airport.

Two more tragedies were averted at the Mumbai airport on Tuesday night. Minutes before a Kingfisher flight skidded on the wet runway, an Air-India flight bounced twice before landing and stopped at the edge of the runway.

Lack of equipment, trained manpower and lack of coordination between agencies make things worse at busy airports especially Mumbai which seems to top the list of most accident-prone airports with Delhi being the close second.

While we bring to you the top 10 air crashes in the country, it is noteworthy that of the 10 aircrafts, five belonged to Air India and four to Indian Airlines.

Top 10 air disasters in India

Air India Flight 855

Air India Flight 855 was a scheduled passenger flight that crashed on the evening of 1 January 1978, off the coast of Bandra, Mumbai. All 213 passengers on board were killed. The crash is believed to have been caused by the Captain becoming spatially disoriented after the failure of one of the flight instruments in the cockpit. The plane's destination was Dubai International Airport in Dubai, with Captain Madan L Kukar as the Commander. Approximately one minute after takeoff the pilot made a scheduled right turn while over the Arabian Sea, after which the aircraft briefly returned to a normal level position. Soon the plane began rolling to the left, and never regained level flight.

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