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Indian warships yet to join world's top 10 league

Warships cruising at breakneck speed, guns firing and shells sizzling into the aquamarine water - the scene seemed straight out of a war film as the Indian Navy conducted an exercise in the Bay of Bengal off this port city.

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Indian warships yet to join world's top 10 league

Seven ships of the Eastern Fleet - Landing Platform Dock INS Jalashwa, guided missile destroyer INS Ranjit and five missile corvettes - participated in the exercise on Sunday as part of the Navy Week celebrations.

The warships also displayed their manoeuvring skills, including intra-ship coordination, transfer of men and materials from one ship to another and rescue operations during war. There were also high-speed missile shows, underwater replenishment (from INS Jalashwa to two other ships simultaneously), close-range anti-aircraft firing exercises and flag-past by naval aircraft and helicopters.

The exercise, which showcased the navy's prowess, began with a flag past by combat ships with INS Jalashwa at the centre and the other ships flanking her. This was followed by the landing of Chetak helicopters on the ships and rescue operations.

Warships not only see battle, but in many cases they have such an impact on the course of a conflict that they either mean the difference between victory and defeat. Recently, the rated the top 10 warships worldover.

MSN, India brings to you top 10 warships of our times.

Indian warships yet to join world's top 10 league

Iowa Class - Fast Battleship; United States

The Iowa class battleships were a class of six fast battleships ordered by the United States Navy in 1939 and 1940 to escort the Fast Carrier Task Forces that would operate in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Four were completed in the early to mid-1940s; two more were laid down, but they were canceled prior to completion and eventually scrapped. The Iowa class was the final class of U.S. battleships to be built.

Like a cat, the the Iowa class fast battleship seems to have many, many lives. Mothballed at the end of World War II, the Iowas were soon recalled for action in the Korean War.

Again mothballed, they were once more called for the Vietnam War. In 1991, the Iowas answered the call again - when they went into action during operation Desert Storm.

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