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Good Day: Narayana Murthy’s daughter to wed

Bangalore: The world of computers and hard number crunching may have little time for astrology, planets or stars. But come August 30 and Bangalore will be hosting a couple of high ticket weddings. Topping the chart is Infosys mentor N R Narayana Murthy’s daughter Akshata’s wedding. She is to wed her Oxford-Stanford educated beau Rishi Sunak.

Top honchos of the IT world, public figures and politicians are expected to attend the wedding that is to take place at Leela Palace in the heart of the city.

Though August is not considered to be an auspicious month for marriages, 30th is an exception. Astrologers say that on this day Prithinam Yoga and Pushya star get aligned and this happens only once in 12 every years. Many consider the coming together of Prithinam Yoga and Pushya star as an auspicious day to get married.

On the same day, there are other big weddings. City police commissioner Shankar Bidari's son Vijyendra, an IPS officer of Rajasthan cadre, is getting married to Rohini Bhajibhakare, an IAS officer. This marriage is to take place in the sprawling Palace Grounds.

A couple of high profile weddings of the rich and powerful Reddys are also slated for August 30.

And what is the astrologers' take on this day? Couples who get married on August 30 will remain happily married for a long, long time, have healthy children and enjoy good and healthy relationship with in-laws.

August 30 may be a good day to get married, but for the police in Bangalore it is going to be a tough day with many VIPs, film stars and others descending on the city. But just in case you are coming to Bangalore on Aug 30 beware - all the five star hotels are full.

Source: India Syndicate

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