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Rural Indian women safer to urban ones: Alice Miller

New Delhi, March 11 (IANS) Women are safer in rural areas of India compared to those in metros, said Alice Miller, who paved the way for women to become fighter pilots in Israel's defense forces.

The former Israeli aeronautical engineer was speaking at the Israeli embassy here Monday to mark International Women's Day.

Miller said that Israel needs "more Gandhis" in its polity as it would help in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"The problem is there aren't many Gandhis in Israel. I want to take Gandhi to Israel," she said.

Speaking on violence against women in India, particularly the incidents of rape and sexual assault, Miller said: "The problem is not in traditional India but in urbanised society of the country."

Her view echoed that of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, who sparked a controversy recently by saying that rapes mainly occur in urban India due to western influence and not in rural India.

Miller, who is currently living in a village in Uttarakhand, said she was astonished by the strong community feeling among women in rural India.

"When I see women in my village, I see a stronger community feeling and connection among them. They share a very intimate relation. They celebrate womanhood together. Women in India are women of fortune," she asserted.

Miller, who is married to a kayaking trainer from India, added: "Indian women don't have proper healthcare facilities. Children still die of diarrhoea. There are not many school in rural areas. Female foeticide remains rampant in the country."

"My dharma is to become a politician and I intend to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict," she said.

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