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NBT creating a databank of translators

Praveen Yadav
New Delhi, Feb 11 (PTI) Private publishers need to play an important role in promoting translations of books in different languages according to officials of the National Book Trust, which is now setting up a database of translators across the country.

"NBT has different editors for different regional languages. Advisory committees have been formed for every language, which decides as to which books in the native languages can be translated. We are creating a database of the translators because translation isn''t easy," said A.
Sethumadhavan, Chairman, NBT at the Delhi Literature fest, which concluded here yesterday.

Indian constitution has officially recognised only 22 languages but NBT translates books from one language to other into more than 30 languages. "Transcends can''t be possible without translators," he said
The Malayalam writer pointed out that India is a literature treasure house.

"As part of its effort to promote Indian books Abroad and to facilitate business interactions to buy or sell translation rights between Indian publishers and foreign publishers, the National Book Trust has also organised the New Delhi Rights Table", said Sethumadhavan.

New Delhi Rights Table was part of World Book Fair and provided a unique opportunity for publishers from across the world to meet each other on a one to one basis to tentatively finalize their interest and agreements for transfer of translation rights available in English, Hindi and other Indian languages. .

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