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Masters of Kung Fu set to storm India

New Delhi, Jan 16 (PTI) Stunning acrobats, a staple of so called ''Kung-Fu'' action movies starring the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan that have long captured the imagination of countless fans, is now set to be enacted live in India.

Beijing-based performing arts company China Heaven Creation, is gearing up to perform a Kung Fu and ballet based show in various parts of India, starting from Delhi and gradually moving on to Mumbai and Bangalore.

Kolkata may also catch a glimpse of the acrobatics show titled "The legend of Kung Fu" produced by Arya Carnivals.

A curtain raiser for the show which included kung fu with ballet, modern dance, acrobatics and magic with high-tech lighting and powerful music was held in the capital a while ago.

The martial arts, ''Kung Fu'' often seen as an act of aggression is on the contrary, a discipline practised by Buddhist monks to strengthen their minds and bring inner peace, say practitioners.

"Having originated in India, Buddhism is a thread that connects chinese people with India," according to Zhang Zhihong, Cultural Attache at the Chinese Embassy.

"We share the many common philosophical, cultural and religious values. Thus, we are very eager to interact with Indian audience and place before them an artform that though popular through movies in India, have never being experienced live," says Li Dazhong, director of Creative Heaven.

"The legend of Kung Fu" narrates the story of an young monk, Chun Yi. The show portrays how Yi overcomes various physical and spiritual challenges and finally becomes a master, through music, dance , magic and of course lots of Kung Fu. .

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