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Andaman tribal girls made to dance naked for tourists

Pot Blair: A shocking video has emerged of naked Jarawa tribals in the Andaman and Nicobar islands being made to dance for tourists. Moreover, in the footage, the tourists are seen throwing food and money to the tribals during a "human safari" organised by the operators in connivance with the local authorities.

A shocking video has emerged

The video was released by the United Kingdom-based newspapers - Observer and The Guardian - taken by their reporters.

The safari brazenly flouted laws that prohibit close contact with the tribals and photographing them. In the video a policeman, posted to protect the tribals, is seen urging the Jarawa women to dance promising them food in return.

The report describes tourists throwing bananas and biscuits to the tribals at the roadside "as they would to animals in a safari park". The local police have taught them to beg and take away the money collected by the tribals in return for tobacco, which they never previously used, and food.

The tribe is believed to be descendants of some of the first humans to move out of Africa. There are just 403 surviving members of the Jarawa who live in reserve forests in south Andaman.

Source: India Today

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