Tue, 09 Jul 2013 09:45:00 GMT | By Reuters

After killer floods, monsoons threaten other parts of India

Government officials in the tea-growing region of Assam say incessant rains over the past week have caused the mighty Brahmaputra river and its tributaries to overflow in 11 of Assam's 23 districts

After killer floods, monsoons threaten other parts of India (© Reuters)

New Delhi: As India struggles to recover from devastating floods in Uttarakhand, other areas of the country are at risk as heavy monsoon rains inundate already burgeoning rivers, prompting authorities to evacuate tens of thousands of people, aid workers and government officials said.

Floods, triggered by heavier than normal pre-monsoon rains in mid-June, left more than 580 people dead and swept away roads, bridges and buildings in Uttarakhand, a popular Hindu pilgrimage destination in the Himalayas. At least 3,000 people are still missing.

But while authorities and aid groups struggle to negotiate roads blocked by landslides to reach remote mountain villages where people have no food or other basic goods, Indians in the neighbouring state of Himachal Pradesh and the northeast region of Assam could also face a severe deluge.

"Heavy rains over the weekend have been hampering work in terms of aid distribution in Uttarakhand," said Save the Children India's Devendra Tak. "We are also monitoring the situation in Assam and Himachal Pradesh as there has been a lot of rain there. At the moment, it is less worrisome than Uttarakhand, but things can get bad at any time given the unpredictably of the monsoons."

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