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Daily Horoscope:

Ganesha says those of you who are married or in love will experience a good time today. As you spend more time with your life partner by going out for a drive or for dinner, you will come closer to them. Today is a day full of joy, vigor and happiness for you.

Weekly Horoscope:

Ganesha predicts that this week is likely to be in your favour, especially if you are planning to kick-start a new project or take on a new assignment. However, nothing drastically different is foreseen from the previous weeks, and you are likely to peg on with more or less the same modus operandi. While signing on the dotted line, you need to make sure you have read all the terms and conditions carefully and understood all its ramifications. For those of you who are doing business in partnership with someone else, some slight misunderstandings are anticipated. Even on the domestic front, things will be far from smooth. Rest assured, though, that this is only a passing phase, and you may look forward to better times ahead.

Monthly Horoscope:

You may expect to have a great month on the work front, foresees Ganesha. Although, you would yourself be brimming with ideas, you would do well to remember that you mustn't discount the ideas of others, for they could be better than even yours. Be broad-minded and receptive! You may somewhat be in a hurry to reach the top, but this month you need to moderate your goals, slow down your pace, and, especially, avoid blowing your own trumpet. On the other hand, let your amiable disposition shine forth, endear yourself to your colleagues and do your mite in making the office atmosphere happier. On the personal front, the month looks set to be very favourable. Happy times are indicated for the married ones; romance shall bloom for the singles too. Socially too you will be busy and scintillating. Financially, however, there may be roadblocks, but nothing that can't be tackled with some careful planning.

Yearly Horoscope:

A positive, progressive year awaits you. Initially the progress may be sluggish, gradually picking up the pace, as the months roll by. Your personal life may go through some ups and downs, though. On the love front, avoid forging a new relationship. For married couples, times may be challenging, for they may have a tough time adjusting to the inflexible attitude of their partners. The family support too may not be forthcoming, causing you anxiety. Instead of letting it all affect you, simply accept it as your Karma, and continue forging ahead. And, focus on your financial matters and secure your future. This year, although, you may earn enough, somehow money shall slip through your fingers, and at the end of the year your bank balance may just even out. Change your life-style – make it simple and cut out wasteful expenditure in order to overcome the possible financial constraints. Watch out for petty health issues.

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