Mon, 22 Apr 2013 13:15:00 GMT | By IANS

Taliban cuts off hands, feet of alleged robbers

The victims say their only crime was that they were working for foreigners and the Taliban carried out the heinous act after they refused to hurl bombs at a convoy

Taliban cuts off hands, feet of alleged robbers (© Reuters)

Kabul: "The Taliban captured us and chopped off our hands and feet," one of the two victims of the Taliban's harsh justice said in a hospital in the western Herat province over the weekend. What happened shocked not just the doctors and other medical staff in the hospital but also other patients.

"Amputation of these two men is the barbaric act of Taliban and this reminds us of the brutality of the Taliban rule 12 years ago," one hospital staff member told Xinhua but declined to be identified for security reasons. Although the militants have executed men and stoned to death women over the past couple of years in some parts of the insurgency-ridden country, this was the first time that they have chopped off the hands and feet of people charged with robbery and stealing.

In a statement posted on the Taliban website, the insurgent group claimed responsibility, saying the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (name of the ousted Taliban regime) has arrested two robbers in Herat and implemented the Sharia or Islamic law on them. "Two persons, Zarin and Faiz Mohammad, were involved in criminal activities, including robbery. They have often robbed travelers on the highway in Rubat-e-Sangi district of Herat province and were arrested by the mujahiddin of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan," the statement said.

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