Updated: Sun, 14 Oct 2012 05:00:00 GMT | By IANS

Syrian army kills 111 rebels

Damascus: At least 111 armed men were killed Saturday during clashes with the Syrian troops in Aleppo and the coastal Latakia cities, Xinhua reported.

Syrian army kills 111 rebels (© Reuters)

According to the pro-government Sham FM radio, the Syrian troops killed 11 armed men who tried to enter Al-Nabi Ynus area in the countryside of Latakia.

One soldier of the Syrian army was also killed in the confrontation. The report said the Syrian troops carried a "qualitative" operation at Qastal Harami area in Aleppo Saturday, killing 80 armed men.

Also in Aleppo, 20 armed men were killed Saturday by the Syrian troops at Bab al-Hadid area, the report said.

Aleppo has emerged as the main battleground between the Syrian army and the rebel Free Syrian Army, who has been trying for months to gain control over the crucial northern slice of Syria.

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