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Complete coverage of Japan earthquake
Japan Earthquake

Statue of Liberty, a 9 meter replica made last spring, stands-alone encircled by building rubbles in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, on Monday March 28, 2011. Most wreckage of houses are removed from streets except small tiles and stones. (Koki Uemura / Sankei Shimbun)

Other News about Japan Quake
  • Massive pumps heading to damaged reactors in Japan

    Atlanta: A massive Russian cargo plane roared into Atlanta on Friday to pick up one of the world’s largest concrete pumps, which has been retrofitted to pour water on a Japanese nuclear power plant stricken by an earthquake and tsunami.

  • Radiation-tainted food on rise in Japan

    Tokyo: Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan told two prefectures near a troubled nuclear power plant Wednesday to stop selling their vegetables and raw milk after authorities detected radioactive materials in the produce. Tokyo's tap water was also found to be 'unfit' for babies due to radioactive iodine.

  • Japan's blue-chip manufacturers delay reopening factories

    Tokyo: Several large manufacturers in export-reliant Japan have announced delays to their production schedules after this month's magnitude-9 earthquake and tsunami interrupted supply chains, news reports said Tuesday.

  • Japan enhances efforts to cool nuclear reactor

    Tokyo: A Tokyo fire department truck was to shower tonnes of water upon an overheating nuclear reactor for four more hours on Saturday in north-eastern Japan in hopes of averting a potential meltdown.That would extend the operation to 11 hours for Saturday, public broadcaster NHK said.

  • Radiation levels high in food, Japan fights n-fallout

    Tokyo: Japan Saturday said radiation levels in food items were much higher than normal limits near its tsunami-hit Fukushima nuclear plant as workers struggled to restore power to it to prevent a disaster.

  • India advises against travel to Japan, Indian family refuses to leave

    New Delhi: An Indian family, located in the radiation exposure zone near Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant that is threatened with a meltdown, has refused to be evacuated from the area.

  • IAEA sees no significant worsening in Fukushima

    Vienna: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said Thursday there had been no major negative developments at Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear plant over the last 24 hours, but warned the situation could change.

  • India will revisit n stations to upgrade safety: Official

    Kalpakkam: The Indian nuclear establishment is determined to upgrade the safety features of its nuclear power plants regardless of costs involved, said a top official Thursday.

  • Japan quake may cost insurers $35 bn

    Boston: Japan's devastating earthquake is expected to cause insured property losses of about $35 billion, a figure that makes the catastrophe one of the costliest ever for the insurance industry.

  • Toll due to Japan quake rises to over 5,000

    Tokyo/New Delhi: The catastrophic quake and ensuing tsunami that hit the country March 11 have left 5,178 people dead till Thursday morning, Japan's National Police Agency said. Meanwhile, India has started carrying out radioactive checks at airports following the disaster in Japan.

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