Sat, 12 May 2012 06:43:03 GMT

China denies preparing for war over South China sea

China has refuted reports that its military was increasing combat readiness in response to a standoff with the Philippines over the disputed islands in South China Sea.

China denies preparing for war over South China sea

"The reports alleging that the People's Liberation Army, (PLA) Guangzhou Military Area Command and the Navy's South China Sea Fleet have entered combat readiness are not true," the Ministry of National Defence said.

The Defence Ministry's comments came after a warnings in state media that China is prepared to fight to end the stand-off. A brief statement from Ministry said those reports were not true.

China's maritime standoff with the Philippines in the South China Sea over the dispute of Huangyan Island referred by Philippines as Panatag Shoal has entered the second month.

The two nations have had non-military vessels stationed at the shoal since April 8 in an effort to assert their sovereignty to the area.

The standoff began last month over Philippines objecting to the presence of Chinese fishermen at Scarborough Shoal.

The Philippines asserts that the uninhabited island reported to be rich with abundant natural gas and oil as part of its 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), guaranteed by UN Law of the Seas.

China on the other hand says that the island was part of its coast for centuries therefore it has inherent rights over it.

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