Thu, 19 Jul 2012 15:21:11 GMT | By IANS

Cameron warns Taliban against destabilising Afghanistan

London: British Prime Minister David Cameron Thursday warned the Taliban that it would be totally erroneous to believe that its militant forces could destabilise Afghanistan after NATO troops' withdrawal from the country in 2014.

Cameron warns Taliban against destabilising Afghanistan

Speaking at a press conference following talks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai in Kabul, Cameron emphasised that the recent NATO conference in Chicago and a donors' conference in Tokyo had shown the West's commitment "to securing Afghanistan's future and prosperity for decades to come".

"I think this sends a very clear message to the Taliban: you cannot wait this out till foreign forces leave in 2014 because we will be firm friends and supporters of Afghanistan long beyond then," The Guardian quoted Cameron as saying.

"What I would say to the Taliban is be in no doubt there is a very clear and strong plan to transfer lead security responsibility from very capable ISAF (International Security and Assistant Force) forces, including British forces, to very capable Afghan forces," Cameron added.

"I am content that they will be able to defeat an insurgency. Of course, we would make even further political progress if there were successful political talks and if the insurgency was to come to an end in that way."

"But the Taliban should be in no doubt that we will be handing to a very capable, very large, well-equipped Afghan army, security forces, local police."

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