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British MP''s wife sentenced for stealing kitten

London, Oct 28 (PTI) The estranged wife of a British MP has been given a nine-month suspended jail sentence for stealing a kitten from the home of her husband''s lover.
Christine Hemming, 53, whose husband John is a Liberal Democrat lawmaker, was found guilty at Birmingham Crown Court of burglary last month.
She was filmed on CCTV removing the kitten, called Beauty, from the Birmingham home of Emily Cox last year.
Christine was ordered to do 150 hours of community work and pay 1,000 pounds costs.
The kitten, owned by the young daughter the MP had with Cox, has not been found since it was filmed being removed on 29 September 2010.
Christine, whose sentence is suspended for 12 months, has said she still cannot remember how it came to be in her possession.
"I did not deliberately take the cat. I went to the property to give my husband his post. I had no recollection of taking the cat," she was quoted as saying by the BBC.
"I didn''t realise I had it until I returned to the house and there it was in the back of the car," Christine said.
The Hemmings were married in 1981, but their relationship deteriorated from 2004 when details of extramarital "liaisons" involving the MP emerged, the most significant of which was with Cox, the report said.
The details of their "love triangle" were the subject of intense scrutiny during the three-day trial.
Speaking after the sentencing, Hemming expressed his displeasure with the whole affair.
He added that he did not think details of his private life would overly concern his constituents because they knew of his two relationships in 2010 when he was elected.
"A lot of people knew in 2000. But the reality about it is we move on," he said.

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