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New "porno" sex text book for Chinese children angers parents

From K J M Varma
Beijing, Aug 19 (PTI) In a bid to offer sex education to primary school students for the first time, China has introduced a text book that has gone overboard with controversial illustrations and descriptions that has left parents fuming.

The textbook titled "Growing Steps" has many controversial passages and appears with illustrations for students aged six to seven years old.

There was widespread concern among parents over such blatant description bordering on pornography, state-run and other official media reported.

"It''s too much for children. Is that simply porn pictures for kids? It is not healthy," Liu a mother who is worried that the material might be too much for her eight-year-old was quoted as saying by the Xinhua news agency.

Liu''s concerns are echoed by many parents in a country that has never before offered sex education to primary school students.

Wu Ou, 33-year-old mother, deputy chief editor of China''s popular science website said "It''s not wrong to describe sex in direct ways, but the sentences in the book are too rude, and it''s even banned from our website," Wu said, is designed for adults from 20 to 35.

The wording should be more tender and more beautiful in the books for children, she said.

In her opinion, early sex education is a field demanding more design and more ideas, which should be delicate in details with vivid words and clear pictures.

The textbook written for primary school students by experts at the Beijing Sex Health Education Research Association are divided into three parts for pupils from six to twelve years old.

The first part of the text book includes "My Body," "Where Am I From," and "Can You Protect Yourself?"
The second part features "Body Changes During Adolescence" and "Techniques to Communicate with Parents."
The third part contains the chapters "To Please Yourself," "AIDS Prevention," as well as "To Be A Healthy Netizen."
The trial run for the primary school books is set to begin in 18 schools in the coming semester.

Books for junior middle school students are being currently written by "experts" and will be tested in 30 schools, said an official in Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.

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