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China's wealthy building 'great walls'

Beijing: The legacy of China's Great Wall, built in the 5th century to prevent intrusions from nomads has become an inspiration for the country's new rich, who now are building similar structures around their wealthy enclaves to ensure safety and to prevent thefts.

China's wealthy building 'great walls'

A Chinese villager walks out the gate of a "Great Wall" in Taizhou, east China's Zhejiang province on February 1, 2011 (AFP)

Wealthy villagers in Taizhou of East China's Zhejiang province have built a huge wall around their village to ensure their safety, making the enclave free from thieves, reflecting the concerns of new rich in the fast liberalising Communist China.

"The residents in Aodi village urged us to find a solution to the increasing number of thefts, so we decided to build a village wall to cut the number of entrances from 10 to one," Ruan Guolin, chief of Kengzheng village, which administers three smaller villages including Aodi, said.

The 70-cm thick wall was built in a style similar to the Great Wall, with more than 70,000 adobe bricks and a 7-meter-tall iron gate.

The construction of the wall cost about 500,000 yuan (USD 75,700), 70 per cent of which was raised from the villagers.

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