Wed, 25 Aug 2010 09:51:37 GMT

S African Indian organises "Gay Oscars"

Fakir Hassen
Johannesburg, Aug 25 (PTI) South African Indian bridal consultant Daniel Chettiar is finalising the country''s first "gay Oscars" to fulfil a vow made six years ago when his friend Calvin Pillay was murdered for being a gay.
Chettiar, who also uses the name Daniela Keisha, said he and Pillay had first mooted the idea a decade ago when they watched the annual Oscars hosted in Hollywood and envisaged a similar platform where gay men could walk the red carpet and then receive awards in various categories.
Finalists were selected by a panel of judges before their details were placed on Chettiar''s website, for public voting to decide the winners in 21 categories, including for the political party most supportive of gays and even a Lifetime Achievement Award for furthering the cause of gay people.
The event will be held in the coastal town of Umhlanga on Saturday, with profits going towards funding an orphanage in memory of Pillay.

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