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Bollywood should not care about winning Oscars: Paul Cox

From Natasha Chaku
Melbourne, Oct 23 (PTI) Criticising Bollywood''s�craze for Oscars, award-winning Australian filmmaker Paul Cox has described�Indian films�as�a celebration of total madness with elements of fun, fantasy and�innocence.

"Bollywood has a sense of fun, fantasy and also an element of innocence. It is a celebration of total madness. I would prefer a Bollywood film to a Hollywood one," said Cox, who is�shooting�his next film in Kerala with Shahana Goswami and Seema Biswas next year.

The 73-year-old director said�Bollywood should ignore�the American dream of winning an Oscar.

"It is�nothing but the America''s way to make money.�Do you think they would like to see Bollywood a part of this? Oscars should be ignored by the rest of the world film industry including Bollywood.�I do not understand this pathetic adulation about the American awards," he said.

"Bollywood has been imitating this mad example of American dream and it�is now out of reach," said Cox, who admires the works of Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen.

Cox is well known for his humanistic oriented films and is a cancer survivor. His latest project is�a film on organ transplantation � "Force Of Destiny"-� which will be shot in Kerala next year.

"It is a story about�a person with liver cancer. During� this journey he meets an Indian woman with whom he falls in love. It is about a sense of loss and also survival. In the end he receives a liver transplant," Cox said.

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