Tue, 01 Jan 2013 11:21:03 GMT

Steven Spielberg buys right to lottery drama

London, Jan 1 (PTI) Filmmaker Steven Spielberg has snapped up the rights to a TV drama about fictional lottery winners after becoming an avid fan of the show.

The 66-year-old moviemaker and his wife Kate Capshaw loved BBC series ''The Syndicate'', which featured ''Harry Potter'' stars Timothy Spall and Matthew Lewis, so he got in contact with the show''s writer Kay Mellor about developing the series for an American audience, reported Daily Express.

"He told me that he and his wife were avid fans of the show and he is now having a pilot episode written for US network ABC, based on the British version.

"He certainly knew everything about the show, which is perhaps not that surprising if he''d watched each episode three times," said Mellor.

Mellor said she thought she was the victim of a hoax when she was told of Spielberg''s interest.

"My agent said he wanted my mobile phone number, but after four days of waiting for Steven to ring I thought it must be a joke.

"Then he called me when I was sitting at my kitchen table in casual clothes and slippers, working on the script for The Syndicate 2! He roared with laughter when I told him what I was wearing and I promised to send him a picture of me in my slippers - which I did!" PTI NDS

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