Sun, 18 Nov 2012 08:03:17 GMT

I don''t want my daughters to act: Matt Damon

Los Angeles, Nov 18 (PTI) Actor Matt Damon hopes his daughters never follow him into acting because Hollywood is so unfair to women.

The 41-year-old, who raises Alexia, 14, Isabella, six, Gia, four and 23-month-old Stella with wife Luciana, is horrified by how Hollywood treats women and would never want that for his own kids, said The Hollywood Reporter.

"I would try to steer my daughters away from acting.
Women are in a different business than we are. It is just brutal for women. For men, the roles get really good at 40 and beyond. And that''s when you really start doing your best work," he said.

Damon also thinks fame has changed how other people treat him.

"When we started writing ''Good Will Hunting'', I was 22 and Ben Affleck was 20 and it came out when I was 27 and he was 25. I always had this theory that you kind of retard emotionally at the moment you become famous.

"It''s not that you change, the world changes his relationship to you. So your entire reality shifts and that''s a jarring experience and hard to prepare for," he added. PTI AYM

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