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Tokyo declaration on Afghanistan backs India's concerns on terror

Source: Tokyo: Backing India's concerns over terrorist safe havens in the AfPak region, the Tokyo conference of international donors on Afghanistan Sunday endorsed key recommendations of a regional conclave that New Delhi hosted to promote direct investment in the troubled country.

Tokyo declaration on Afghanistan backs India's concerns on terror

The Tokyo Declaration, adopted at the end of the day-long conference on Afghanistan attended by participants, including External Affairs MinisterS.M. Krishna and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, recognized that "the main threat to Afghanistan's security and stability comes from terrorism and that this threat also endangers regional and international peace and security".

The participants "recognized the regional dimensions of terrorism and extremism, including terrorist safe havens, and emphasized the need for sincere and result-oriented regional and international cooperation towards a region free from terrorism in order to secure Afghanistan and safeguard the region and the world against the terrorist threat".

The donor countries also determined "never to allow Afghanistan to become a sanctuary for international terrorism again".

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