Tue, 03 Jul 2012 11:45:34 GMT | By IANS

Taliban using kids as suicide bombers in Afghanistan

Kabul: The arrest of two children and a teenager with bombs and remote-controlled devices in Afganistan's former Taliban stronghold of Kandahar has sparked fears that the militant outfit could be training more children as suicide bombers.

Taliban using kids as suicide bombers in Afghanistan

The children were aged eight and 12 and the teenager was 17 years old, Xinhua reported citing Kandahar province spokesman Jawed Faisal.

They were arrested in Zharay district of the province, while carrying multiple improvised explosive devices and homemade explosives.

Unicef spokesman in Kabul, Aziz Farotan, said at least 316 children under 18 were recruited by militant outfits in 2011 to fight against the government.

The Taliban are yet to admit recruiting children for fighting against the government.

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