Fri, 04 May 2012 06:00:50 GMT

US snack food firm chops 'racist' Indian ad

Washington: US snack food maker Popchips has pulled out a new ad campaign featuring Ashton Kutcher, who sports brown makeup and plays a Bollywood producer named "Raj" with a thick accent, after being criticised as racist.

US snack food firm chops 'racist' Indian ad

The 88-second video ad has been removed from the California snack food company's Popchips website and YouTube channel as well as the company's Facebook page.

The $1.5 million campaign featured Kutcher as four different types of guys looking for love in dating-service style videos: a Brit named Nigel, a Karl Lagerfeld look-alike, a tattooed man named Swordfish and "Raj."

Raj says that he wants someone "Kardashian hot," adding, "I would give that dog a bone." He also talks about competing in a "milking contest."

Kutcher - as Kutcher - appears at the end of the clip and says to the camera, "Your waiting room is like a freak show... are we all in the same category?"

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