India's Security Environment: An Overview

Bodies of suspected separatist militants and confiscated weapons are displayed after a gun battle at Loktak Lake in Manipur.


India has had an up-and-down relationship with Myanmar, often seen as an easy border for militants and smugglers in the northeastern region. The two countries are trying to forge economic links where Indian energy companies are keen to invest in Myanmar, but it is the 1,643-km shared border that is a cause for worry in New Delhi.

Towards this end, India recently initiated talks to start joint operations for eliminating insurgent camps across the border. Although China ended its assistance to the northeast militant groups nearly three decades ago, by 2005 there were still reported to be at least 27 full-time camps in western Myanmar. Despite this large number of armed insurgents on its western border, Myanmar's military has paid much less attention to this area compared to its eastern and northern borders with Thailand and China.

Source: India Syndicate