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Anna to campaign only for Kejriwal's party

Veteran activist to campaign only for Kejriwal's candidates and ruled out the possibility of supporting people from other parties

Anna to campaign only for Kejriwal's party (© Reuters)

Bhubaneshwar: Social activist Anna Hazare Saturday said he will campaign only for candidates put up by Arvind Kejriwal and ruled out the possibility of supporting people from other parties.

"I will campaign only for Kejriwal's candidates," Hazare told reporters here. "There may be good people in other parties but who has the control?" Criticizing other political parties for indulgingin politics in the name of caste and communities, the 75-year-old activist also accused them of practicing unfair means to collect donations.

He said other political parties collected huge donations from vested interests and corporates but break them into amounts less than Rs 20,000 to hide the identities of the donors. He also accused political parties of being controlled by individuals.

"I know Kejriwal. He has not done anything for himself. He is doing everything for the country," Hazare said, reiterating that he will however examine the candidates and back them only the deserving ones.

"I will check them. If they are found to be good, if they are proper candidates, I will campaign for those candidates," he said. The India Against Corruption founder is on a three-day Odisha visit since Thursday. He addressed students, farmers and others.

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