Tue, 25 Oct 2011 19:28:52 GMT

Kiran Bedi's travel agent quits after 'overcharging' row

New Delhi: Already in the thick of controversies, Team Anna member Kiran Bedi today faced problems from within when one of the founder members of her NGO managing her trips quit the trust claiming his reputation has been tarnished.

Kiran Bedi's travel agent quits after 'overcharging' row

Anil Bal, proprietor of Flywell Travel and a trustee of India Vision Foundation (IVF) run by Bedi, said the activist's defence on overcharging her hosts had conveyed the wrong impression among public that he was responsible for inflated invoices after issuing cheaper tickets.

"In view of what has happened which unnecessarily tarnished my reputation I have decided to resign as trustee of IVF with an immediate effect and have also requested IVF to engage another travel agent for their travel needs.

"Amount to the credit of IVF as on date in our records is being refunded to IVF by crossed cheque to close the account with us," Bal said in a statement here.

Bedi allegedly overcharged hosts by inflating her travel bills and that she availed discounts on air tickets using her gallantry medal. She defended herself saying she did not personally benefit and that the money, thus, saved went to the foundation.

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