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4 Indians among top-15 finalists in global science fair

Hyderabad: Perhaps this could be the answer for the ever decreasing farm holding size and to the flooding of fields and mice attacks on crops.

4 Indians among top-15 finalists in global science fair

A student from Lucknow has prepared a prototype of vertical multi-level farming, which increased the crop area by 66 per cent. In the prototype, he grew green beans, chickpea and wheat.

The project report submitted by Mr Sumit Singh has made it to 15 shortlisted projects by Google for its Science Fair. Currently, the 15 finalists from across the world are on their way to Mountain View, the headquarters of Google. Three Indian lads and an Indian origin girl from the US are among the team. The 15 finalists were picked from 90 regional finalists.

Mr Sumit Singh's presentation showcased how multi-level farming can happen using affordable means. "This method involves platform towers made of bamboo and mud tiles. Cluster of such towers makes vertical multi-level farm.

Though named multi-level, Mr Sumit felt that it should be not more than three levels, leaving enough space for plants to grow in the second and third levels. These towers could be made using bamboo tied by ropes and paved with mud bricks to hold the soil.

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