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Hazare asks people to write and enroll for next agitation

Mumbai: Social activist Anna Hazare today called on the people to register themselves for the next round of ''Jan Andolan'' (agitation), which he said would be launched after the dates of Lok Sabha polls are announced.

Hazare asks people to write and enroll for next agitation

"Start writing letters to us about your participation in the Jan Andolan from tomorrow so that we will have a sense of it. We will prepare you," Hazare said, addressing a public meeting against corruption at Vishnudas Bhave auditorium in neighbouring Vashi this evening.

He asked the people to send letters about their participation plans to his Ralegan Siddhi address. The anti-corruption crusader is currently touring the state to campaign for a stronger Lokayukta Act for Maharashtra.

"The Ministers who are entrusted with the job of enacting strong laws are not doing their job. They are busy acquiring lands," he alleged.
"Due to increasing corruption and price rise it has become difficult for the common man to survive," he added.

"Some people think that I speak only against them. But if that was the case, six ministers would not have gone to jail (for corruption)," Hazare said.

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