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Focus on Lokpal to avoid further public embarrassment: Anna to government

New Delhi: Veteran social activist Anna Hazare on Tuesday launched a blistering attack on the ruling Congress Party, saying the UPA Government should ensure the enactment of a strong Lokpal Bill to save itself from further public embarrassment.

Focus on Lokpal to avoid further public embarrassment: Anna to government

"We are not deliberately doing anything. Why the government is not facilitating the enactment of a strong Lokpal Bill? If the government shows a serious attitude towards the bill and provisions such as Right to Reject. If they do not implement a strong Lokpal Bill, then their image would continue to be degraded in public view," he said.

Hazare further said his recent daylong joint fast with yoga guru Baba Ramdev was fruitful.

"I think my trip to New Delhi and the daylong fast was successful," he said.

It may be recalled here that Team Anna has so far been at loggerheads with the Congress-led UPA Government over the setting up of a strong Lokpal Bill. Hazare''s joint fast with yoga guru Baba Ramdev against corruption on Parliament Street here on Sunday was a step in that direction, as they attacked the UPA Government and threatened a fight to the finish by August on the black money issue.

Further rubbishing reports of a rift within his team and with Baba Ramdev, Hazare said: "There is no difference of opinions within our team or with Baba Ramdev."

Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal, who joined the daylong fast at the Parliament Street in New Delhi on Sunday, took potshots at both the Prime Minister and his other Cabinet colleagues over their corrupt ways.

Baba Ramdev, however, then said that the fight against graft was not against individuals.

Media reports had then said that Kejriwal had stormed out of the venue after Baba Ramdev appeared to pull him up over name calling of individuals.

Team Anna met in Noida earlier on Monday amid reports of a rift between them and Baba Ramdev over the treatment meted out to Arvind Kejriwal in public and differences within them over attacking Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. The meeting was also aimed at reassessing the future strategy of the civil society activists.

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