Wed, 02 Jan 2013 04:45:00 GMT
World's richest cities: In pics


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People sit in a boat on the Limmat River during sunny summer weather in Zurich July 3, 2011. At background left are the church towers of the Fraumuenster and St. Peter and on the right the Grossmuenster church. According to UBS, employee purchasing power is the highest in the world and the city tops the index with 144.1 points Reuters

Note: According to the Swiss bank UBS, ranking was based on the purchasing power of gross wages of an average employee based in a city. Prosperity was measured by dividing the average annual income by the total price of an UBS basket of goods and services. Since, working hours are not uniform across the world, UBS based its ranking on purchasing power based on hourly wages and not annual income.

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