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Weird news of the week: 6 December 2013

Town hopes no one burns down its giant Christmas goat this year

The Galve goat (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Chess boxing (© REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov)
  • The Galve goat (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Swansea breakup sign (© Rex Features)
  • A group of clowns (© Ivonne Wierink-vanWetten/Getty Images)
  • Artist's impression of the 'Freedom Ship' (© REX Features)
  • Parent-child hobbie (© Fred Giovannitti/Rex Features)
  • Sea Eagle on camera (© AP Photo/Kimberley Land Council via AP Video)
  • Chimpanzee enclosure (© REX/Action Press)
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The town of Gavle in Sweden hopes no one gets its goat this year — meaning the enormous 40-foot-tall (approx 12.1m) goat made out of straw that residents erect every year for Christmas, only to witness it burned down by vandals. The goat (pictured ablaze in 2001) has never made it past mid-December without getting torched. (Someone even tried to steal it once by helicopter.) This time, though, the town is determined to help the goat make it to the holidays: The creature has been soaked in an anti-flammable chemical. "We're aware that the goat is only famous because it gets burned," a Gavle spokesman told The Local. "It would be great if it didn't actually burn down this year, because that would be the most unexpected result. Then we might really get a lot of attention."

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