Updated: Fri, 06 Sep 2013 02:15:00 GMT
Uttarakhand: 1,000 dead and counting - Pictures

With the weather being clear in Uttarakhand, authorities on Thursday discovered 64 more bodies in the ridges of Kedar valley - a grim reminder of the tragedy that struck the region in the not-so-recent past.We recount the incidents post the Himalayan calamity.

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The bodies seemed to be of devotees who climbed up the ridges out of fear after the mid-June calamity to save themselves and perished due to extreme cold conditions there. A total of 64 bodies were consigned to flames over the past two days between Rambada and Kedarnath shrine.

Police say they have resumed search for bodies trapped in the higher reaches and ridges of the valley which they could not access earlier due to bad weather. If the weather permits, the search process will go on for the next few days.

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