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The best and worst jobs of 2013: In pictures

Stressed-out at work? Well, it could be one of the worst jobs. CareerCast website has put out some 200 best and worst professions of 2013 based on work environment, salary, stress and growth prospects. We have drawn up 10 best and worst jobs. Check them out

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Reporter (newspaper)

Worst job ranking 1

In 2012, Forbes said that being a journalist is one of the best jobs around, for a journalist constantly learns new things, gets paid to read quite a bit and meets interesting personalities and celebrities.

Come 2013, working as a newspaper reporter is the worst job, at least according to CareerCast website. And probably here are some reasons:

  • With low starting pay, you will struggle to make both ends meet
  • High stress/ more hours at work and less time with family
  • Dwindling budgets, constant staff reduction
  • Competition from Internet-based websites
  • No day offs as you have to constantly hunt for news and ideas
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