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The animals of Fukushima

Rescued puppies

Rescued puppies (© Reuters/Issei Kato)
  • Rescued puppies (© Reuters/Issei Kato)
  • Rescued dogs in cages (© Reuters/Issei Kato)
  • Lost cat (© Reuters/Issei Kato)
  • Rescue operation (© Reuters/Handout)
  • Weeping dog (© Reuters/Issei Kato)
  • Escaped ostich (© REUTERS/Stringer)
  • Tabby cats (© Reuters/Issei Kato)
  • Abandoned dog (© Reuters/Issei Kato)
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The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear crisis that followed the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011 meant that scores of survivors near the stricken plant were forced to flee their homes.

Animals such as dogs and cats ended up being abandoned by their owners, who had to leave many treasured belongings behind. The creatures that were left have had to endure high radiation levels and a lack of food, and have more recently struggled with the region's freezing winter weather.

In the picture above, members of United Kennel Club Japan (UKC Japan) are seen caring for two puppies resued from inside the Fukushima exclusion zone at the group's pet shelter in Samukawa town, Kanagawa prefecture.

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