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Spotlight on some Rahulisms: In pics

Being under public glare is not an easy job for politicians. Every word, every gesture has to be measured and deliberated. But even our seasoned netas lose it once in a while. As Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi is finding out. Though not in the same class as a Dan Quayle, the erstwhile American vice-president or former US President George Bush; Rahul is, nevertheless frenetically pushing the envelope. As Rahul Gandhi turns 44 today, Twitter is abuzz with #PappuDiwas trending. We bring you a selection of his best – the Rahulisms

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At Bellary, Karnataka (4 April 2014)

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi spoke of his grandmother Indira Gandhi having fought an election from Bellary in the state. "There is an old relationship between Bellary and my family. Indira Gandhi was fighting election from here and Sonia Gandhi also fought from here. We have a very old relationship with Bellary and you have supported us", he said.

It was only Sonia Gandhi who contested from Bellary in the 1999 Lok Sabha polls. Indira Gandhi has never fought an election from the city.

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