Updated: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 06:15:00 GMT | By Ramandeep Singh/India Syndicate
India’s military might packs a mean punch: Pics

As the Indian Army celebrates Army Day on January 15, we take a look at the men and weapons of the armed forces, always at the ready to thwart any aggression, both external and internal

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T-90 main battle tanks and BMP-2 Infantry combat vehicles (ICV) of the Indian Army during an exercise. The T-90 main battle tank, which is an evolution of the T-72 tank, is one of the most lethal tanks in existence. T-90 equips the Indian Army’s strike corps, which are tasked with taking the battle to the enemy with lightening strikes across the border and capturing and holding territory. Accompanying the T-90s will be the BMP-2 ICVs, which will carry soldiers into battle.

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