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Events that changed the Republic of India: In pictures

As India celebrates its 65th Republic Day, we bring you top ten events that have impacted us since the Constitution came into force. From the 1975 Emergency to the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, from Mars Mission to the impact of electronic and social media, these events have changed the face of India, some for the better and others not so

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The Emergency

No one - surely not the Constitution makers - could imagine that Nehru's' (the man singularly responsible for the flourishing of democracy in India) daughter could usher in 'emergency' - a recourse built into the Constitution to be used in the rarest of rare cases. But Nehru's daughter did; and the lesson was learnt that pious aspirations have to backed by stringent Constitutional safeguards and a vigorous civil society - so that never again will a person's personal ambitions ride roughshod over civil liberty, freedoms and the media. It can be argued that as a consequence, it would be difficult today, if not impossible, that the unfortunate events that led to and perpetuated the emergency could be repeated.

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