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Countries Queen Elizabeth II has ruled

Where the Queen has ruled

Where the Queen has ruled (© ANDY CLARK/Reuters)
  • Where the Queen has ruled (© ANDY CLARK/Reuters)
  • Anguilla (© © Duncan Evenden / Alamy)
  • Antigua & Barbuda (© © BANANA PANCAKE / Alamy)
  • Australia (© PA Archive/Phil Noble)
  • Bahamas (© © Jon Arnold Images Ltd / Alamy)
  • Barbados (© PA Archive/Rebecca Naden)
  • Belize (© © Randy Green / Alamy)
  • Bermuda (© © Joel Zatz / Alamy)
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Queen Elizabeth II may be most associated with being the head of state in the UK - but she's also the reigning monarch of another 15 sovereign states and a number of British-administered overseas territories around the world. This means more than 135 million people around the world can be considered her subjects.

Britain's often controversial colonial past also mean's that she's ruled over a grand total of 34 sovereign states in her lifetime.

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