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Chinese Moon Festival: a guide

Mid-Autumn Festival: September 8, 2014

Lanterns at the Mid-Autumn festival (© Tim Hall/Getty Images)
  • Lanterns at the Mid-Autumn festival (© Tim Hall/Getty Images)
  • Coloured Chinese lanterns and full moon (© Stuart Dee/Getty Images)
  • Family celebrates the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival (© Kin Cheung/AP)
  • A woman selects lanterns for festival (© Vincent Yu/AP)
  • The festival being celebrated in Hong Kong (© Kin Cheung/AP)
  • Moon cake (© voraorn/Getty Images)
  • People walk beneath lanterns ahead of the festival (© Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)
  • A man covers his sons ears during festival fireworks (© Carlos Barria/Reuters)
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The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also referred to as the Moon or Mooncake Festival, is an official harvest holiday that dates back over 3,000 years.Celebrations are not limited to China, with other countires such as Japan, Korea and Vietnam joining in the festivitites.

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