Updated: Fri, 14 Feb 2014 01:45:00 GMT | By Manjunath R Setty, India Syndicate
Brrr! These are the coldest ones

With Kargil witnessing its coldest temperature ever at minus 23.4 degrees Celsius, here's a look at some of the coldest places on Earth. From the East Antarctic Plateau to Yakutsk in Russia, these places give 'chills' and frostbites and leave you without sunlight for days

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East Antarctic Plateau
The coldest place on Earth is a high ridge on the East Antarctic Plateau where temperatures plunged to a record minus 93.2 degrees Celsius on Aug 10, 2010. Scientists found the ridge contained pockets of trapped air. Researchers say it is only a preliminary figure, with the final figure likely to show a degree more.

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