Updated: Wed, 11 Dec 2013 01:45:00 GMT | By Vaishnavi Vittal, India Syndicate
'Bouncer' Pope & 'ice cream-scooper' Obama: In pics

The Pope says he did some time as a bouncer in an Argentinian nightclub. Obama was an icecream-scooper at Baskin-Robbins. Walt Disney was a newspaper delivery boy. These are just some of the first jobs held by famous personalities. We take a look at those who have had their share of humble pie

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Pope Francis, unlike his predecessors, is very popular for being the common man’s Pope. During a conversation with a group of parishioners, he revealed that he once worked as a bouncer in a nightclub in his native Argentina. His other odd jobs included sweeping and working in a laboratory. Media reports are now saying he is possibly the coolest Pope ever!

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