Updated: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 01:45:00 GMT | By David Nield, contributor, MSN Tech
Best Flappy Bird alternative games

Flappy Bat Wings

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Flappy Bat Wings

Whatever your favourite animal, you'll probably be able to find a flappy game for it somewhere, such has been the success of Flappy Bird. For our last title in this round-up we've chosen Flappy Bat Wings, and the most appealing aspect of the game is its simplicity: as in the original, all you need to worry about is flying through the landscape.

It's a darker twist on Flappy Bird and the graphics in the game are decent enough, and as knock-offs go it's one of the better ones that we've come across. If you don't like bats, there are flappy ducks, chickens, planes, bees and more elsewhere in the various app stores.

Available for free for Android.

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