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Sun, 30 Mar 2014 07:30:00 GMT | By PTI

Raj Babbar promises to stay in Ghaziabad

Babbar has promised to not only contest elections from Ghaziabad but also take up residence in the area

Raj Babbar promises to stay in Ghaziabad (© PTI)

Ghaziabad: Congress candidate from Ghaziabad Raj Babbar today said he would not leave Ghaziabad after winning elections unlike other MPs.

“People ask me if I would come to Ghaziabad after winning elections. I want to tell you that like other MPs, I will not leave Ghaziabad. I have not come here to only contest elections, but to reside here,” Babbar said, addressing a poll rally organised at Ram Leela Maidan here.

Babbar said Ghaziabad was not new to him as he had raised voice for the farmers here before.
Wooing voters, he cited the lack of development and rising crime in the region and said he would ensure the security for the women after he won the elections.

“Ghaziabad is my home and I will solve problems of residents here. I have raised several issues of farmers. My party has given me responsibility and I will definitely win from Ghaziabad,” he said.


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