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Updated: Fri, 16 May 2014 00:15:00 GMT | By India Syndicate
Politicians with plenty: Richest netas in pics

If you thought only big corporate honchos were valued at obscenely large figures, guess again. Whether it is all the scams or the fact big corporate honchos are actually moving into politics themselves, a handful of politicians are easily among the richest in the country. We bring you a select few

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We’d like to begin by giving you an idea of the kind of figures we’re talking about here.

For example, Janata Dal (United) candidate from Bihar, Anil Kumar Sharma, is fighting from the Jehanabad seat in Bihar and, according to papers he has filed, is worth Rs 850 crore! To be expected, you’d think, given he is a real estate businessman.

But then there is K Visweswar Reddy from the Medak seat in Telangana. He has connections both in the political and business world, the latter spearheaded by his marriage into the family that owns the controlling interest in the Apollo Group of Hospitals. At the time of declaration of assets, Visweswar Reddy has Rs 528 crore!

There are several others, even if they do not fall into the league of the above-mentioned candidates. The People’s Party of Punjab’s Manpreet Singh Badal declared assets worth Rs 58.14 crore. For more such revelations, scroll through this gallery


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