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Fri, 16 May 2014 12:30:00 GMT | By PTI

Pilot takes responsibility for Congress' rout in Rajasthan

"It is a setback to the Congress in Rajasthan, and I take full responsibility for defeat in all 25 Lok Sabha seats," Pilot told reporters here

Pilot takes responsibility for Congress' rout in Rajasthan (© Reuters)

Jaipur: Acknowledging the people's mandate, Union minister and Rajasthan Congress chief Sachin Pilot today took the responsibility for the party's rout in the Lok Sabha elections in the state.

"I firmly believe in democratic process and give my full regards to electors who denied Congress and gave a clear manadate to a party," Pilot said.

Congress suffered a humiliating rout in Rajasthan as BJP romped home in all the 25 seats in the state. Pilot himself lost the Ajmer Lok Sabha polls to the BJP candidate and sitting MLA Sanwarlal Jat.

"Time is always changing but the Congress organisation will remained united every time. Whether we lose or win in elections, we will not stop here, but re-strengthen ourselves and party," Pilot said.

"As PCC President I will go meet the Congress President Sonia Gandhi and apprise her of LS results," he said.

Congress will always play a positive role in parliamentary process as an Opposition, he said replying to a question.


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